Hollow Stem

These augers are built with a 4.25” inside diameter opening to allow access to the bottom of the hole without withdrawing the auger string. The augers act as a temporary casing during and at the completion of drilling to facilitate the sampling of sediment, water and installation of monitoring wells. We also have oversized hollow stem upon request.

  Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
Regular Hollow Stem 9.25” 4.25”
Oversized Hollow Stem 11.5” 6.5”






Hammer Pipe

6⅝” O.D dual walled pipe threaded together and sealed with rubber o-rings. Air is forced down hole between the two walls then blows drill cuttings up through the 4” I.D of the pipe.



Solid Stem

Has a 6" O.D.

IMG_0818.JPG IMG_0823.JPG 


Split Spoon

The split spoon sampler (SPT) is ideal for providing detailed soil stratigraphy and is useful in determining where potential environmental constituents of concern may exist. The sampler is made from steel tube split lengthwise and held together by the two threaded ends, its 2’ long with 2” O.D and 1⅜” I.D.



SPT Hammer

The automatic tri hammer is manufactured for complying with the standard penetration test. 140lb weight, 30” drop with 98% efficiency.



Vane Shear

The choice of these different sizes of vanes allows a good accuracy of undrained shear strength to be obtained for a relatively wide range.

  Large Medium Small
T 1.5” 1.2” 0.52”
H 8.0” 6.2” 2.84”
D 1.0” 0.75”









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